Please note American Made Flags are in high demand and short supply across the Whole Flag Industry.  Delays may occur  please be patient



Please expect significant delivery delays on Orders with American Flags and American Made Products. American Flags are in High Demand and Short Supply! All Of the US Flag Manufactures factories were closed due to COVID 19 and have only recently reopened. This has caused a shortage on American Made US Flags in the whole flag industry.  Expect Delays.  If you placed an order it will ship as soon as they come off the sewing line.  With many sizes and material options this has created a backlog.  We appreciate your patience.  


As stated on every page and the order confirmation there are delays with American Flags.  There is a material shortage which is causing a backlog.  We are working hard with the 3 largest Manufactures (Eder, Annin and Valley Forge) to get orders out as soon as we can. We are shipping them as soon as they are coming off the sewing lines but due to the shortage in materials and multiple sizes and fabrics it has created a backlog.  We apologize for the delay and are getting them out as fast as the manufactures can produce them and can not at this time give accurate ETA’s


Due to Covid guidelines we have also moved our office employees to work from home and have transitioned to a EMAIL ONLY support system.  Please use our contact form or email us at for any questions or concerns. 


Cavalry Flags continues to strive to meet the demands of the American public despite manufacturing being shutdown for months due to COVID. Manufacturers are building inventory of US flags daily and are working very hard to fulfill all orders. We are experiencing demand above normal levels for certain Flag Lines.  Please be patient. 

ALL American Made US Flags can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.  This is due to Sewing lines being closed due to COVID, the demand is high for these flags and manufactures are having a hard time keeping up.  Don't worry though if you place your order for one you will receive it, it will just take longer than normal due to this.  We apologize and ask for your patience as we continue to get the flags sewn to meet demand and try and rebuild the inventory on these items.

Also from this point Forward we have made all flag sizes 6x10 and larger are produced on an as needed basis.  Meaning they are made to order.

Why the Delay?  Well COVID Shutdown manufactures right before our busy season.  (Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July and Veterans day)  The rush on flags for Memorial Day depleted US Manufactures Inventories as they were shutdown and sewed masks verses flags as flags were deemed non-essential.  Couple that with manufacturing re-opening right before 4th of July this caused a huge backlog.  Demand has been very high and manufactures are struggling to keep up while trying to rebuild an inventory, so they imposed limits on number of flags we can receive in a given time which we sell more than those limits so its a revolving door of high demand flags in and out without being able to rebuild inventory.  Unfortunately this will take time and we hope during the winter months when the demands are less this can happen so we can meet the demands of our busy season in 2021 and get our inventory built back up for all high demand flags.  Also manufactures that supply the flag manufactures with textiles and grommets etc., were affected as well.  We ask for your patience and understanding and appreciate the support.  COVID has taken its toll on our families, friends and businesses and we know it has been a struggle.  Trying to keep ourselves open has been a struggle.  As a small business we don't have the resources big box companies do, we had to cut staff, regulate interaction between staff and move non warehouse workers homes without being able to fully have a remote working system in place.  New York State has made it very hard to operate a small business during these times.  We are slowly getting there and getting the technology in place and this has also caused delays in response times and packing times as well.  Adapt, improvise and overcome.  Our family thanks you for your continued support and we know you will love the quality and care that goes into the American Flags we sell.  We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to getting back to normal operations as soon as New York State allows.--Semper Fidelis


Due to these guidelines we have also moved our office employees to work from home and have transitioned to a EMAIL ONLY support system.  Please us our contact form or email us at for any questions or concerns. 



U.S. Flag Manufacturers Spread Patriotism During COVID-19

The Flag Manufacturers Association of America asks Americans to stand united in support

of Made in the U.S.A. flags.

FMAA encourages Americas to Stay Healthy, Stay Strong &

Display their U.S. flag on Flag Day, June 14th.

June, 2020…The coronavirus pandemic has caused disruption at U.S. flag manufacturers over the past four months. The Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA) held a meeting to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the U.S. flag industry.

While the demand for U.S. flags has remained strong, many FMAA members were put on their state’s non-essential list, requiring them to close manufacturing operations. As they reopen, manufacturers and suppliers are now working hard to rebuild their inventory. FMAA members ask for their customers’ patience as they strive to sew and ship all orders as quickly as possible.


United States law requires every flag be labeled with its “country of origin.” Those designated as “Made in USA” may be true to their name, but only those bearing an FMAA Certification Seal are guaranteed authentic. Look for the FMAA Certification Seal to ensure it is truly an American made flag.

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